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Our Aspiration​​

CareXera’s aspiration is to provide the most affordable personalised predictive genetic testing and end-to-end solution for all healthcare professionals in preventing chronic diseases among corporate employees and the public as well as enhancing personalised childhood development and education in achieving Malaysia’s sustainable development goals (SDG 3 and SDG 4).

Start your personalized healthy lifestyle journey by first knowing your DNA an epigenetics profile

Every human has between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Most genes are the same in all of us, but there will be differences in less than one per cent of them, which is what makes us unique. The science of genetics is helping us to understand what these small differences mean in all of us.

DNA is not your destiny, correct the misunderstanding and empower yourself to take charge in achieving good health, wellbeing and longevity

DNA and Epigenetic

DNA and Epigenetics with help you to understand how your day-to-day diet affects your body at a cellular and genetic level through the science of nutrigenomics. We do this by combining your DNA profile, which stays the same over time, together with a process called epigenetics, which refers to the changes in your gene expression. This is impacted by changes in your lifestyle, diet and environment.

The Analysis

The analysis of your saliva sample involved 1,000 genetic areas that provide over 300 DNA relevant outcomes which has been established and verified by research. We report on 5 core health areas of epigenetics with an additional 12 Key Health Insights.

How does it work

Your saliva sample has an incredible power to totally decode your genetic health 

1. Order The test Kit

Order Kit from your healthcare professionals or direct from us

2. Register your kit

Once received your DNA kits, register your kits in our Apps via QR Code in the sample collection guide leaflet.

3. Collect and Mail in Sample

Follow the guide to collect your sample and courier your saliva sample to us

4. View Results

Review your results with your healthcare professionals or our consultant and enroll yourself into the Personalized Healthy Lifestyle Coaching.


Our genes are the “blueprint” and epigenetics are the “contractor”. How sophisticated the blueprint was designed by the architect, the final outcome will depend on the quality and supply of the materials, and resources for the contractors to construct the masterpieces.”

Dr Razin Jaafar (Zen.Tse)
MRMS Malaysian Restorative Medicine Society Founder


Register Naluri

FREE Personalised Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (PHLC)

Premium DNA and Epigenetic test users will be entitled to one year of free PHLC with your personal health coaches including Medical Advisor, Dietician, Fitness expert and Psychologist.

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Set Your Goals

Determine your healthier goal based on the recommendation from your DNA and Epigenetic report

Meet Your Personal Coach

We pair you with your dedicated experts which include clinical psychologist, dietitian, medical advisor, fitness experts, to ensure you have well-rounded support.

Digital Tools in your hand

Your mobile has a direct link to your health coaching team and includes a suite of digital transformation tools to support you on your journey.

Work the plan at your own pace

Design your health plan change to suit your busy lifestyle, the coaches are available to support you in taking control of your own health.

Build Healthy Habits

Go beyond diet and exercise to build healthier habits that will last a lifetime.

Measures the outcomes

We will help to measure your health outcomes for you to celebrate your success with your family and friends

Healthcare professionals are invited to be our partners

fitness coach
lifestyle med doctor

An opportunity for all GP clinics, Pharmacies, dietician, nutritionist, fitness coaches and other healthcare professionals to be CareXera Authorised Representatives and/or CareXera Certified Consultants

Discover your child potentials and talents for their personalised development and education

The children’s DNA profiling  will empower the parents in personalizing the development and education of their child 

child personality1

Assist parents in nurturing their child’s potential in line with their DNA for the best outcomes for their specific talents.
child quran

Knowing the best way to enhance your child’s cognitive skills development in achieving an effective learning experience.
EQ child

Know your child’s inherited resilience and emotional health will help them in developing good mental and emotional health
Child personality


Understanding your child’s personality with the early enhancement of positive behaviour as well as positively nurturing specific areas of concern with parental support

Educational Institutions are invited to be our partners

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