Introduction To CareXera Health

CareXera Sdn. Bhd., established in August 2021, is the first company in Malaysia that provides DNA and Epigenetics Profiling with Personalized Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program. 

Our aspiration is to empower the current and future generations by preventing chronic diseases, promoting longevity and enhancing childhood learning through genetic profiling. 

Meanwhile, our aim is to offer the most affordable predictive tools equipped with personalized end-to-end solutions to help individuals accomplish healthier lifestyles, optimal mental well being and improvement in work life performance

Hence, we are working in tandem with medical and healthcare professionals to provide personalized predictive, preventive and protective interventional programs, advisory, training, products and services. 

In addition, we are collaborating with educational institutions to empower parents in enhancing their children’s Talent, IQ, EQ, and Personality by implementing personalized learning and development based on our Child DNA profiling.


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