About CareXera

Founded on August 2021, Carexera Health Sdn Bhd is Malaysia's leading company dedicated to foster healthier and more purposeful lives through affordable and comprehensive solutions, including personalised predictive DNA, Epigenetic, and Fingerprint profiling technology. Our objectives include :
1. Enhancing adult life quality by proactively addressing age-related chronic diseases' root causes and promoting personalised DNA and Epigenetic Profiling-guided healthy longevity.
2. Empowering parents and teachers to unlock children's innate talents and potentials while minimising future risks and challenges through step-by-step Personalised Learning and Development Guidance, tailored to each child's DNA and Fingerprint profiling.
We collaborate closely with medical professionals to provide personalised preventive and protective programs and partner with educational institutions to support nurturing children's talents and potentials.

The Brain of CareXera

Dr. Mohamad Sabri Mohd Shaffi, an experienced Medical Doctor in Preventive Healthcare with over 25 years of experience, has advised notable companies like TALISMAN, HUNTSMAN, SHELL, and PETRONAS. Specialising in Occupational Health and Lifestyle Modification, Dr. Sabri pursued Genomic Medicine before retiring from PETRONAS, aiming to predict and prevent lifestyle-related diseases using DNA and Epigenetic markers.
His aspiration is to reduce healthcare costs, premature deaths, and achieve healthy longevity through personalised interventions based on genetic profiles. In August 2021, he founded CareXera Health Sdn Bhd to revolutionise personalised healthcare and childhood development, utilising innovative genetic and fingerprint technology for a brighter future.

Co-Founder of CareXera

Principal Redzuan bin Abd Aziz, also known as Principal Red, has indeed shown remarkable dedication to the field of education for over two decades. Despite his background in Mechanical Engineering, his passion for nurturing future leaders through early childhood education is evident. His vision for Showme Eduwav Berhad to elevate educational standards and create a more enriching environment for the community is highly commendable.
Principal Red's adoption of Finland's education lifestyle and the transformation of Showme institutions into Finnish Inspired School concepts, along with providing teachers with diplomas from esteemed Finnish institutions, reflects his commitment to innovation and high-quality education. His dedication to enhancing the Malaysian education sector is a significant contribution to the nation's future.

Our Goals

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