Unlocking Your Potential Through Fingerprint Profiling

Utilising CareXera Fingerprint Profiling (CFP), individuals can uncover unique inborn talents, abilities, and personality traits they may not have been fully aware of. This innovative technology analyses fingerprints to provide valuable insights into one's inherent qualities, which can be instrumental in personal and professional development.


We provide a range of products that can decipher your genetic information, each offering different levels of analysis and detail.

CareXera Fingerprint Profiling


By leveraging a sophisticated big data analysis system that profiles millions of fingerprint patterns, we deliver remarkably precise reports on an individual's brain lobe functions, learning capacity, inborn talents, various quotients, personality traits, learning style, and multiple intelligences. The report offers insight into an individual's innate strengths and untapped potentials, which can be enhanced as well as early intervention to address and overcome potential challenges in their life.

Every Fingerprint Tells a Personal Story

  • Students

Discovering your personality type enhances self-awareness, leveraging strengths, improving collaboration, and makes learning more effective and enjoyable.

  • Parents

Understanding your child’s personality strengthens your connection, improves communication, and fosters adaptability by tailoring your approach to their unique qualities and talents.

  • Personality Type
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Multiple Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ)
  • Acquiring Methods
  • Learning Style
  • Skills
  • Brain Dominance
  • Career Options
  • Brain Lobe Functions
  • ATD
  • Childrens aged 1.5 year and above
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