CareXera Fingerprint Profiling

Main Features

What's In Your Profile?

Brain Lobes Function

Identify what areas you’re good at based on specific patterns of your fingerprints

Multiple Intelligence

Uncover your strengths of your innate potential based on the multiple intelligence theory

DISC Personalities

Find out your true Personality based on Dr. William Moulton Marston behavioural categorisation

Learning Styles

Hone your unique learning style, a reflection of how you absorb and process information


  • Fingerprint profiling is a cutting-edge technology that analyses the unique patterns found in your fingerprints to provide valuable insights into your innate characteristics, talents, and potential.
  • Fingerprint profiling works by examining the specific ridge patterns on your fingers. These patterns are correlated with various aspects of your personality, learning style, and potential.
  • A Fingerprint Profile offers insights into your character, strengths, learning style, and potential talents. It’s a comprehensive report that can guide personal development and decision-making.
  • Yes, Fingerprint Profiling is grounded in scientific research and dermatoglyphics, which is the study of fingerprints. It has been used for decades in various fields, including psychology and genetics.

Fingerprint profiling can help you understand yourself or your clients better, enabling more effective personal and professional development. It can aid in career choices, relationships, and personal growth.

  • Fingerprint profiling is versatile and beneficial for both individuals seeking personal growth and professionals such as educators, therapists, and consultants looking to enhance their services.
  • Reach out to our certified practitioner or for more details on the procedure, please contact us at
  • Typically, you can expect to receive your Fingerprint Profile report within a week after providing your fingerprint samples. The exact duration may vary.
  • Yes, we prioritise the security and privacy of your data. Our data handling procedures adhere to strict standards and regulations to ensure your information remains confidential.
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