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Main Features

What You Will Get in CareXera App?

Genetic Action Plan

Personalised based on your genes and lifestyle questionnaire, targets specific areas for your self-improvement and healthier goals.

Personalised Workout Plan

Aligned with your health goals, determined by your genetic profile and answers to a few questions about your exercise routine and body needs.

Personalised Diet Plan

Augment your DNA results with a 24/7 accessible personalised diet plan, or 'Meal Guide,' based on your DNA and health goals, with just a quick questionnaire.

Epigenetic Tracker

Your epigenetic clock predicts your biological age, revealing how well your lifestyle matches your genetic makeup, providing insights into your inner health.


Genetic profiling appeals to a wide range of individuals based on their unique goals. It’s especially relevant for those looking to optimize their sports performance, training, nutrition, and overall health. However, anyone interested in enhancing their well-being through knowledge can benefit from this test.

  • Genetic Profiling is highly accurate. The genes variant were selected from at least 5 peer reviewed research with higher frequency of associated risk of genetic predisposition to specific conditions. The DNA calling for SNPs detection accuracy rate is between 97-99.9%.
  • It typically takes 3 to 4 weeks to provide your DNA results. For those who have purchased the epigenetic analysis kit, please be aware that analyzing epigenetic markers is more complex and time-intensive, and results may take approximately 4 to 6 weeks after obtaining your DNA results.
  • Our commitment to aftercare sets us apart. We believe in continuous support and offer consultations to help you interpret your genetics concerning your environment and goals. Our mobile app also stays up-to-date with the latest scientific knowledge and content.
  • Yes, you can separate between DNA Profiling and Epigenetic test. However, the cost will be charged separately which is much more expensive compared to the package for both. For more details on the procedure and associated costs, please contact us at
  • We specialize in empowering individuals in achieving healthy longevity through an integration of DNA & Epigenetic Profiling with proactive interventions including Personalised Coaching by healthcare professionals.
  • We also offer a Comprehensive Personalised Learning & Development Strategies for parents and teachers.
  • Your profile results will be conveniently accessible via our innovative mobile app.
  • Performing a DNA test is straightforward. All that’s required is a simple saliva sample, collected at home by spitting into the provided tube.
  • Genetic testing helps us understand how our genes influence our inner workings, such as how we metabolize food, absorb nutrients, and our capacity for strength, speed, and endurance.
  • Genes are the basic units of heredity, made up of DNA. DNA contains instructions for building and maintaining various aspects of our bodies. Genetic testing examines differences in these instructions, called SNPs, which can impact how your body functions.
  • Genes not only define your external characteristics but also your body’s inner makeup, including your potential for strength, speed, fat loss, and endurance. Genetic testing enables you to optimize training, diet, and recovery for peak performance.
  • We analyze biogenetic markers related to fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, and overall health. Our tests provide insights into various aspects, including endurance, muscle size, calorie management, vitamin and mineral needs, and more.
  • A saliva sample provides a wealth of genetic information without the need for invasive procedures like blood tests. It offers a snapshot of your genetics, making it easy, safe, and non-invasive.
  • Your genetic data is highly secure with us. It is anonymized in our database, encrypted throughout the data journey, and stored on secure AWS servers.
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