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Our Aspiration

CareXera’s aspiration is to provide the most affordable personalised predictive genetic testing and end-to-end solution for all healthcare professionals in preventing chronic diseases among corporate employees and the public as well as enhancing personalised childhood development and education in achieving Malaysia’s sustainable development goals (SDG 3 and SDG 4).

"Your Genes load the gun, your diet and lifestyle pull the trigger"

Start your personalized healthy lifestyle journey by first knowing your DNA an epigenetics profile

Why you need a DNA Test?

As humans, we each have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Most genes are the same in all of us, but there will be differences in less than one percent of them, which is what makes us unique. The science of genetics is helping us to understand what these small differences mean.

Rare Disease​

CareXera strategically focuses on Rare Disease patients during its early phase of development.

Health Alert​

Your DNA is analyzed and constantly compared to international scientific and medical discoveries on DNA research. You will be instantly notified if a new discovery comes up that might affect your lifestyle.

Personalised Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

We also use your DNA analysis to inform you of potential adverse reactions you might have or develop to existing and future medicines.

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DNA and Epigenetic Profiling

DNA and Epigenetics with help you to understand how your day-to-day diet affects your body at a cellular and genetic level through the science of nutrigenomics. We do this by combining your DNA profile, which stays the same over time, together with a process called epigenetics, which refers to the changes in your gene expression. This is impacted by changes in your lifestyle, diet and environment.

The analysis of your saliva sample involved 1,000 genetic areas that provide over 300 DNA outcomes – more than any other DNA health profile. We report on 5 core health areas with an additional 12 Key Health Insights.

How does it work...

Your saliva sample has an incredible power to totally decode your genetic health 

Our genes are the "blueprint" and epigenetics are the "contractor". How sophisticated the blueprint was designed by the architect, the final outcome of the depends on the quality and supply of the materials, and resources for the contractors to construct the masterpieces."

An opportunity for all GP clinics, Pharmacies, dietician, nutritionist, fitness coaches and other healthcare professionals to be CareXera Authorised Representatives and/or CareXera Certified Consultants

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