An MoU Signing Ceremony between CareXera Sdn Bhd and 19 business partners was held on 9 April 2023 at the Dorsett Hotel in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The inaugural event was hosted and organised by CareXera Sdn Bhd, a leading Malaysian company in the field of Adult DNA profiling and epigenetics with intervention in achieving healthy longevity as well as Child DNA profiling for personalized development and learning program. The ceremony brought together doctors, medical experts and practitioners, educational experts, and thought leaders from various companies to share their similar passions on DNA and Epigenetics profiling and insight on its potential application in Malaysia. Signed by 19 business partners, including 4 strategic partners, the MoU aimed to build collaborative partnerships with companies from the education, healthcare, and technology industries, to converge and discuss the way forward in shaping agile and competitive products and services in the epigenetics industry. The 19 partners comprise: four Strategic Partners, Showme Eduwav Berhad, Andorra Healthcare Berhad, Safwa Healthcare Berhad, and SuperBig Capital Berhad; three Education Partners, namely Akademi Generasi Mukmin Eduzone Sdn Bhd, Jazro Technology Robotics Sdn Bhd, and Read Genius Sdn Bhd; ten Healthcare Partners, namely IRES Clinic, I-Clear Wellness Centre, Cor Nadi Wellness Center, Poliklinik Ibnu Sina, Hidayah Medic Sdn Bhd, Klinik Ibra, SI ENERGY Sdn Bhd, Klinik Perubatan Primakasih, Poliklinik An-Nur, Poliklinik Ihsan, and U.N.I Klinik Permas Jaya; and two Technology Partners, Jazro Technology Robotics Sdn Bhd, and Thinker Talent Solution.

The event attracted more than 70 attendees from across the country, with two keynote speeches by Principal Red, CEO of Showme Eduwav Berhad, and Dr. Mohamad Sabri, CEO of CareXera Health respectively. This was followed by two technical presentations and testimonies by CareXera on child DNA profiling and Adult DNA & epigenetic profiling during the event. The signing ceremony was divided into four sessions highlight the strategic, education, healthcare, and technology partners and distribution of share certificates to the shareholders.

Apart from the signing ceremony, the official launching of the CareXera App also took place. The app was launched by En. Azran Bin Osman Rani, CEO and Co-Founder of Naluri who is also the Technology Partner of CareXera, accompanied by Dr. Mohamad Sabri Bin Mohd Shaffi Founder, CEO of CareXera, En. Redzuan Bin Abd Aziz, Chief Investment Officer of CareXera, and En. Faris Iskandar Bin Mohd Fadzullah, Director, Chief Technology Officer of CareXera.

The interactive mobile app is a revolutionary tool that summarises the user’s DNA and Epigenetic reports analysis including the Epigenetic’s Biological Age and Inflammatory Score, as well as personalised lifestyle recommendations and genetic action plan for overall improvement of health and wellbeing in achieving healthy longevity. The mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google App Store and the Apple Store, is provided by CareXera Health in its effort to predict risk, prepare for interventions and preserve individual health and wellbeing through DNA profiling and epigenetics.

Genetic technology has revolutionised the healthcare and education ecosystem through discovering the genetic predisposition of certain health condition or disease, the genetic influence in childhood’s development, learning and educational attainment as well as epigenetic changes as a result of adverse childhood experience.  These advancements in DNA and epigenetics profiling stand out as the most promising approach in delivering an end-to-end solution through personalised healthcare along with personalised child’s development and learning. 

CareXera’s goals to enrich every adult’s life by achieving healthy longevity and every child’s talent and potential through personalised intervention are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) No 3 and 4.

DNA profiling uses genetic material taken from saliva to identify individuals with genetic predisposition of certain diseases. This information allows healthcare professionals to develop targeted interventions that can prevent or mitigate the effects of certain diseases. DNA profiling can also be an invaluable tool in identifying a child’s genetic predisposition towards certain talents and abilities and their strengths and areas for improvement. The reports will allow parents and teachers to understand the underlying cause of learning difficulties and tailor educational interventions to suit the needs of each child. This personalised approach to education can lead to better outcomes for students and help them overcome their learning challenges. 

Epigenetics is another promising area of genetics research that explores the complex relationship between genetics and the environment. Just like DNA, epigenetic changes can be passed down from one generation to the next. These changes can affect a child’s physical and mental health and influence their cognitive development.

Epigenetic research has shown that many environmental factors, such as childhood trauma or poor nutrition, can have long-lasting effects on a child’s gene expression. By identifying the underlying genetic factors as early as 2 months old, the intervention strategies through parental guidance developed by CareXera can prevent or mitigate the negative effects of epigenetic changes on children’s health and education.

According to CareXera CEO Dr Mohamad Sabri, “Child DNA profiling offers exciting opportunities for parents to prevent adverse childhood experience, improve the lives of children and promote better educational and talent achievement.” By harnessing the power of genetic technology, CareXera looks forward to a future where educators and healthcare providers can offer personalised interventions for their clients that address the unique needs of each child as well as adults. Through its collaborations with industry partners and thought leaders, CareXera aims to continue pushing the boundaries of personalised healthcare, child development, and educational interventions in Malaysia and beyond.

For more information on CareXera Health Sdn Bhd and its services, please visit their website at www.carexera.com.

MOU Signing Ceremony Highlights: https://youtu.be/O69T8DMhuCg

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