CareXera Fingerprint Profiling | Certified Practitioner Training – Level 1 (Without Device)


2-day training to become certified as CareXera’s Fingerprint Profiling Practitioner. Designed for those at the beginning of their journey, this program offers a comprehensive introduction to understanding skin ridges and fingerprint patterns. Participants will acquire the essential skills needed for accurate scanning and basic analysis, setting the foundation for personalised client profiling.



– Master the basics of fingerprint profiling and its implications on personality and development.

– Learn the technical skills for effective fingerprint scanning and preliminary report generation.

– Understand the fundamental correlations between fingerprints, brain lobes, and individual potential.



– Receive a Technical Competency Certificate upon completion.

– Qualify for positions that require basic fingerprint profiling analysis skills.

– Step towards becoming a Carexera Certified Consultant with further training.

– Opportunity for FREE certificate renewal based on activity level.

– Gain initial access to Carexera’s Professional Support for continuous learning.



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