Epigenetic Profiling (Post-intervention)


Designed for individuals who have embraced the journey of genetic-informed lifestyle changes, our Post Intervention Epigenetic Profiling offers a unique opportunity to measure your progress. Whether you’ve navigated this path independently or through our Personalized Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program, this service provides a comprehensive analysis of how your lifestyle interventions have impacted your biological age, health metrics, and overall well-being. Discover the tangible results of your dedication to health and wellness, and gain invaluable insights to further refine your approach to achieving and maintaining your health goals.



  1. Progress Monitoring: Assess the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions with concrete, genetic-based evidence of change.
  2. Tailored Adjustments: Fine-tune your health strategies based on epigenetic feedback, ensuring personalized adjustments for optimal outcomes.
  3. Health Milestones: Visualize your health improvements through measurable genetic markers, motivating continued commitment to wellness.
  4. Preventive Insights: Gain deeper understanding of your current health status and potential future risks, enabling proactive preventive measures.
  5. Personal Empowerment: Empower yourself with knowledge about your body’s response to lifestyle changes, fostering a sense of control over your health journey.



  1. Biological age 
  2. Memory age
  3. Eye age
  4. Hearing age
  5. Inflammatory score


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