Premium DNA & Epigenetics Profiling


Unlock your health potential with Premium DNA & Epigenetic Profiling. This advanced service provides a deep dive into your genetics, offering insights on diet, nutrients, and exercise best suited for you. Tailored to your genetic blueprint, it guides you towards optimal health, helps preempt lifestyle diseases, and uncovers strategies for ageing gracefully. Discover your genetic roadmap to a healthier, more vibrant life.

With Premium DNA & Epigenetic Profiling, take control of your health destiny, making informed decisions that lead to a longer, healthier life.


– Alleviate Health Risks: Gain invaluable insights into your genetic predispositions for conditions like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Armed with this knowledge, implement lifestyle changes and targeted actions to mitigate these risks and achieve your health goals.

– Slow Down or Reverse Aging: Utilize our advanced epigenetic clock to track your biological age, a metric that can indicate the need for preventative measures much earlier than traditional markers. Through personalized interventions, slow down or even reverse the aging process to enjoy a longer, healthier life.

– Achieve Specific Health Goals: Understanding your DNA and epigenetics provides a roadmap to tailor your health, fitness, and lifestyle strategies. Achieve your personal goals with precision and confidence, guided by the most intimate knowledge of your body’s needs.


  1. Epigenetic Profiles: 
    1. Biological age 
    2. Memory age
    3. Eye age
    4. Hearing age
    5. Inflammatory score
  2. Core DNA Profile: 
    1. Health
    2. Physical traits 
    3. Dietary needs
    4. Vitamin requirements
  3. Health Insights: 
    1. Heart health
    2. Anti-aging strategies
    3. Eye health
    4. Gut health
    5. Immunity
    6. Mental Health
    7. Muscle Health
    8. Skin Health
    9. Sleep
    10. Stress
    11. Injury Risk


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