Every child is born genius

Using genetic technology to discover valuable insights about your child's natural strengths, talents, and abilities could lead to life-changing discoveries


We provide a range of products that can decipher your genetic information, each offering different levels of analysis and detail.

Talent & Nutrition​


Gain valuable understanding of how the genes influence child learning and development, with a special focus on talent and nutrition. Delve into your child's genetic predispositions to unleash their unique talents while simultaneously addressing any potential weaknesses, ensuring a more seamless educational, career, and parenting journey for your child.

Respect the genes, Expect their genius

  • Parents

Gain insights into their child’s genetics, including personality traits, EQ, IQ, talents, and wellness for better nurturing.

  • Teachers

To provide personalized support and guidance, in reaching their full potential academically and socially.

  • Children

Gain insight into their unique genetic traits for informed decisions about interests, education, careers, and well-being.

  • Talent
  • EQ
  • IQ
  • Personality
  • Nutrition
  • Overall Wellness
  • 2 Months old and above
  • Purchase product
  • Collect a buccal swab
  • Result in 6 weeks

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