Where Wellness Meets Wonder for Kids

Unlocking the secrets within a child's DNA not only supports their lifelong wellness but also provides valuable insights into their individual personality traits, promoting comprehensive approaches to their growth and development


We provide a range of products that can decipher your genetic information, each offering different levels of analysis and detail.

Wellness & Personality


You will understand on how the genes influence the way your child’s body processes and metabolises nutrients, exercise performance and skin condition in order to achieve the optimal health. In addition, reports related to their personality and other traits aim to provide unique insightful perspectives to help you realise your child’s potential in developing important personal aspects in their life. With the report in hand, we hope to assist you in achieving your child’s health and life goal, with personalised diet, nutrition, fitness, and other areas in daily life recommendations tailored for your child.

Nurture the nature for their future​

  • Parents

Understanding their child’s genetic predispositions to tailor their nutrition needs, lifestyle intervention, and parenting strategies in achieving optimal growth, mental and emotional well-being

  • Children

Better understanding of their unique genetic traits, helping them make informed decisions about their health requirements and personality traits in achieving their full potential

  • Nutrient needs
  • Food and dietary sensitives
  • Well being
  • Fitness
  • Skin care
  • Personality and physical traits
  • Starting from 5 years old
  • Purchase product
  • Collect a saliva sample
  • Result in 6 weeks

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